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Mai 2009
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Informations légales
See the "Historical Heritage Itinerary"enlightened
Places to visit
The "Église Notre Dame”, is a church built from pale limestone. The oldest part dates back to the 11th century. It has a remarkable church tower and the votice candles behind the altar should not be missed.
The “Église Saint Aubin” da
tes from the 11th century and has a porphynitic font dating from the 12th century. The reclining sculpture of “Robert le Maçon” is on the right, close to the choir.


a) The “Église Notre Dame” is a limestone church and was built by Benedictine monks in the 11th and 12th centuries. Features to look for include:
The bell tower dating from 10th century, incorporated from an earlier building. The capitals from the 12th century. The polychrome pieta. The 15th century frescoes. The chapter and the hunt of Saint Maxenceul.

b) The ruins of “Saint Maxenceul” are strikingly beautiful, the church built in the 12th century was destroyed in 1754 by a hurricane.

Places to stroll
Chênehutte: The Pont Pouillet Square and along the banks of the Loire River.
Trèves: In the maze of little picturesque streets
Cunault: Climb “la rue du Cadran” passing between “la Prieurale” and the logis du Prieur.

Places to see from the outside
The “Manoir de Grissay”, the oldest part dates back to the 12th century.

The “Prieuré” overlooks the Loire River offering an amazing vista. The “Temple du Villiers”, only the foundations now remain of this small Romanesque temple that was used for divine worship.

  Ermitage St Jean
The “Ermitage Saint Jean” (in the hamlet of St Jean) is a beautiful small building built in the 12th century by a hermit who took responsibility for the conversion of the local population.

The tower and the last remains of a castle whose origins date back to the 10th century.
       Echauguette - Cour Condé
The “Cour Condé”, beautiful stables built by the “Grand Condé”
The Watchtower; rue Jean Godin does not miss a charm.

The “Logis du Prieur” built around 1510, it served as accommodation for the Priory monks and its structure has hardly changed from that time.

        Maison du Prieur

The castle : its construction dates back to the middle of the 19th century. The 17th century entrance porch is a notable remain of the old priory.

Places to walk

There are 3 differing routes available for shorts walks Please click on this link and it will take you to the list in French, but it is easy to find what you want.
Information available from the Chênehutte town hall (Mairie)
Interesting Fact:
Boule de fort” is a game specific to this region. The bowls used are “biased” in that one side is heavier than the other (le fort) as in Crown Green Bowling. But the playing surface is a linear concave alley.

Places to stay
Overnight parking:
There are 4 especially dedicated and signed Camping car places at “la place du pont pouillet”. This is a parking area situated next to the Loire River and opposite the junction of the D214 and N751.

This site can accommodate 12 camping cars and is located on the side of the Loire River on the N751, just before the village of Cunault from the direction of Trèves. Water and electricity is available on payment of a fee (tokens). The payment tokens are available by use of a banker’s card. Water emptying facilities are also to be found there.

Camping car owners and there families are requested to abide by all of the requested courtesies of the sites or accept the consequences of their actions.

Camping site:
Gennes : On the bank of the Loire. Please click on this link to see what is available

Chantepie : A camping site which accommodates all forms of camping. Please click on this link  to see what is available

Please click on this link and it will take you to the list in French, but it is easy to find what you want.

Restaurants and Cafés
Please click on this link and it will take you to the list in French, but it is easy to find what you want.
An available pamphlet will enable you to discover landscapes and architectural heritage of Chênehutte Trèves Cunault.
Detailed information is also displayed on 18 posts, placed along the walks.
Please click on this link to download a copy of this pamphlet in pdf form
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